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Where the micro switch is used in manufacturing

Author : Date : 10/29/2015 9:24:37 PM

Micro switches have a wide range of applications in industrial and domestic settings. Microwave ovens are a case in point – here the micro switch provides an on/off state on the door interlock that means that the microwave will cease to operate when the door is open.  Elsewhere they’re also widely used as elevator levelling and safety switches. In office settings micro switches are part of photocopiers paper jam detection mechanisms. Micros witches have also proven invaluable in fire safety and disaster management technologies as they are commonly incorporated into gate valves on fire sprinkler systems (functioning as tamper switches, in effect), as indeed they are in many water pipe systems, where it is often exceedingly important to determine whether a valve has been shut or opened. Micro switches are an ideal solution for this purpose.

As an example of typical function, micro switches are often used to control electrical circuits in items as diverse as vending machines and industrial controls. They are also rated to convey current in control circuits, although some may be employed directly to control solenoids, lamps, small motors and other devices.

From an engineering perspective, the practical applications of the technology mean that, for example, action in devices built to vend food and drink can be precipitated by specially designed low-force varieties of micro switch capable of sensing coins; they may also be used to sense air flow in vending machines when a vane is attached to them. 

While micro switches can by operated without mediation by a mechanism, their uses also extend to being incorporated as a component of temperature, flow and pressure switches. These are commonly operated by a sensing mechanism like a Bourdon tube (the tube is governed by the principle that says that a tube that has been flattened will revert to its circular form under pressure). But in these applications, long-term accuracy depends fundamentally on the repeatability of the actuator during switching.

Timer mechanisms frequently employ micro switches, too, although these are usually designed with a comparatively slow-speed motor-driven cam to function properly in this application.

In addition to other uses, another common application for micro switches is to function as limit switches controlling electrically-driven machinery or machine tools: a metal housing encloses the snap-switch mechanism when incorporated into such equipment, and the switch comes with actuating plungers, rollers or levers to perform its designated functions.

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